Summer Movies

Below are our favorite classic films with the word "summer" in the title, or with summer themes/plot points.

Bank Holiday - The lives of various people intertwine during a day out at Bexborough

Behind the Eight Ball - The story takes place at a summer theater in the Berkshire Mountains, where heroine Joan Barry (Carol Bruce) is staging a Broadway-bound musical comedy. Only one problem: two guest stars are shot and killed on two successive evenings, right in front of the audience.

The Big Beat - A record company executive's son starts a rockin' subsidiary label. Greenwich Village beatnik. Great 1950s rock n roll and doo wop

Buck Benny Rides Again - Amusing western spoof with Jack Benny trying to convince Ellen Drew that he's a 100% cowboy. Radio colleagues help out, with Eddie "Rochester" Anderson supplying a steady flow of dialogue.

Casanova in Burlesque - Shakespeare professor leads a double life as a burlesque clown in this slight but amusing musical comedy.

Centennial Summer - Leisurely, plush musical of Philadelphia Exposition of 1876, with sisters Jeanne Crain and Linda Darnell both after handsome Cornel Wilde; nice Jerome Kern score.

A Certain Smile - Romance between Parisian students Bradford Dillman (in film debut) and Christine Carere interrupted when she is beguiled by Rossano Brazzi.

College Holiday - Silly musical/comedy about college types arriving at bankrupt hotel where Mary Boland is doing sex experiments.

Eve Knew Her Apples - Eve Knew Her Apples is an pinchpenny musical reworking of Frank Capra's Oscar-winning It Happened One Night. Musical star Ann Miller takes over the Claudette Colbert role; this time she's not a runaway heiress but a runaway radio star, escaping her stuffy fiance rather than her autocratic father.

Her First Romance - Margaret O'Brien's first grown-up role and her first screen kiss are strong assets of this summer camp story.

Hi Good Lookin'! - Lightweight musical serves as a showcase for Harriet Hilliard as she attempts to become a radio star with the help of Kirby Grant.

Sing as We Go - Gracie Fields stars as an indefatigable mill worker in her best-loved film.

A Swingin' Summer - A new twist on the Beach Party theme—here we leave the beach behind and move the plot to the Lake Arrowhead mountain resort for a swingin' summer!

Thrill of a Lifetime - "Camp Romance," a place for the romantically challenged, provides the setting of this musical. The story centers on a frumpy secretary's crush on her handsome boss, the camp manager. The manager has been working on a musical. Just as he is about to finish it, the secretary gives herself a makeover, turns into a drop- dead knockout, and romantic bliss ensues.

The Under-pup - Hokey but heartwarming tale of singing tenement child who attends exclusive summer camp as charity guest of a snobbish girls' club. Film debut for Gloria Jean, Universal Pictures' successor to Deanna Durbin.

Weekend with Father - Pleasant comedy of widow and widower courting despite their children's interference.