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Please use the form above for questions/comments or to inquire about an EXISTING order. For other inquiries please use (614) 285-5739 (text ONLY)

What is your return/refund policy?
1. Due to ease of copying all sales are final and no cash/card refunds will be issued. Defective items will be replaced with the same item. Cancelled/out of stock items are for store credit only. Returned items are also store credit only. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs and original shipment fees are not eligible for a refund.
2. Customer will not file a dispute/chargeback unless it has been 60 days or more since the order was paid for.
3. If customer files a dispute/chargeback before the 60 day mark customer is responsible for repaying the original invoice + a $25 dispute fee.
4. Chargeback will be considered invalid if customer cannot show written attempts to contact merchant first to resolve the issue directly.
We reserve the right to refuse service and/or cancel any orders for any reason at our discretion.