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Today We Live (1933) On DVD

Actor:           Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Robert Young, Franchot Tone, Roscoe Karns                                             
Director:      Howard Hawks 
Genre:         Drama
Year:            1933
Studio:         Warner/Allied Vaughn
Length:        113
Released:    September 1, 2009
Rating:         Not Rated (MPAA Rating)
Format:        DVD
Misc:            NTSC, Black & White
Language:   English
Subtitles  :   N/A


Wartime romance is always potent material for film, with the specter of sudden death making now intense and desperate. Today We Live is such a film. Set during World War I, it tells the story of a lovely English aristocrat whose heart belongs to a dashing American flyer...and to her childhood sweetheart, who cannot face war's terror without her love. Few films have so impressive a pedigree: the only screen pairing of movie icons Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford, direction by Howard Hawks (The Dawn Patrol, Air Force) and story and dialogue by 1949 Nobel Prize-winner William Faulkner. Highlighted by thrilling combat sequences, Today We Live is a haunting reminder of the sacrifices of body, mind and spirit made in time of war.


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West Of Zanzibar (1928) On DVD

Actor :    Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore, Mary Nolan, Warner Baxter, Jacquelin Gadsdon
Director: Tod Browning
Genre:     Drama
Year:        1928
Studio:     Warner Archive
Length:     65
Released:  May 24, 2012
Rating:      Not Rated (MPAA Rating)
Format:      DVD
Misc:          NTSC
Language: English
subtitles:  N/A


Revenge is a dish best served cold in director Tod Browning's lurid tale of love and vengeance starring Lon Chaney, Lionel Barrymore and Mary Nolan. When his dying wife returns with a baby girl a year after leaving him for Crane (Barrymore), the ivory trader who crippled him, a Limehouse magician named Phroso (Chaney) vows to get even. Placing the baby in a Zanzibar brothel, Phroso spends the next 18 years living with cannibals while he waits for the child to come of age. Summoning the debauched young woman to his jungle lair, Phroso plans to reunite the girl with her long-lost father, after which he'll order the natives to kill the trader and burn Crane's daughter alive!


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Society Lawyer (1939)/Stronger Than Desire (1939) On DVD

Actor:           Walter Pidgeon, Virginia Bruce, Leo Carrillo, Eduardo Ciannelli, Lee Bowman                                                                                                                      
Director:      Edwin L. Marin, Leslie Fenton
Genre:          Drama
Year:             1939
Studio:          Warner/Allied Vaughn
Length:         159
Released:    March 2, 2011
Rating:          Not Rated (MPAA Rating)
Format:         DVD
Misc:              NTSC, Black & White
Language:    English
Subtitles  :    N/A


Before he hit his stride as a symbol of screen decency and likeability (notably in films opposite Greer Garson), Walter Pidgeon worked in numerous A films as second leads and as the occasional male lead in compelling B programmers like these two movies from 1939. As a Park Avenue Society Lawyer, Pidgeon pieces together details of a murder at an exclusive high-rise. Virginia Bruce teams with Pidgeon in this remake of the pre-Code Penthouse. Stronger Than Desire's tale of murder and matrimony has Pidgeon defending a woman accused of killing her husband - all the while unaware that his wife (Virginia Bruce) is involved in the crime. Court's in session with this remake of Evelyn Prentice.


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This Man's Navy (1945) On DVD

Actors: Wallace Beery, Tom Drake, James Gleason, Jan Clayton, Selena Royle
Director: William A. Wellman
Genre: Drama
Year: 1945
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
Length: 100 minutes
Released: May 26, 2015
Rating: Not Rated
Format: DVD (NTSC/Region 1)
Misc: Black & White
Language: English
Subtitles: N/A




Ned "Old Gasbag" Trumpet (Wallace Beery) skippers a dirigible training unit and, per his nickname, spins tall tales, including one about a fictitious son, rankling fellow corpsman Jimmy Shannon (James Gleaso). Ned "adopts" young Jess Weaver (Tom Drake) as his "son," securing an operation to fix Jess' disabled legs and enabling Jess to earn his Navy wings as a combat pilot. Their bond is tested on a submarine patrol mission when miscommunicated bombing orders cost lives, ending in disgrace for Ned. But another combat mission affords a second chance for "father" and "son" to fly their true heroic colors.


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You Never Can Tell (1951) On DVD

Actor:           Dick Powell, Peggy Dow, Joyce Holden, Charles Drake, Albert Sharpe                                                                                                                     
Director:      Lou Breslow 
Genre:          Comedy
Year:             1951
Studio:          Universal
Length:         78
Rating:          Not Rated (MPAA Rating)
Format:         DVD
Misc:              NTSC, Black & White
Language:    English
Subtitles  :    N/A


Dick Powell stars as a hardboiled PI with a taste for kibble in the over-the-top screwball comedy You Never Can Tell. When an eccentric tycoon leaves six million dollars to his faithful dog King, trustee Ellen Hathaway (Peggy Dow) is besieged by fortune hunters when they learn shes next to inherit. After the German Shepherd is poisoned and Ellens accused of the crime, Kings spirit is granted special permission to go back to earth in human form and help clear his Ellens name. Returning as private eye Rex Shepherd (Powell) and aided by a former racehorse named Goldie (Joyce Holden), King puts his nose to the ground in a dogged attempt to sniff out his killers name.


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A Town Like Alice (1956) On DVD

Actor:          Virginia McKenna, Peter Finch, Jean Anderson, Takagi, Tran Van Khe
Director:     Jack Lee
Genre:         Drama
Year:            1956
Studio:         Alpha Video
Length:        1 hours, 57 minutes
Released:   February 14, 2012
Rating:         Not Rated
Format:        Blu-Ray (NTSC/Region 1)
Misc:             Color
Language:   English
Subtitles  :   N/A


Prisoners of war at the mercy of the notoriously sadistic Japanese Army, a man and woman find hope and love in each other as they are forced at bayonet point on a long march of death.


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